It’s been a while since I posted. Again. I must get more disciplined. But this time, not for the usual reasons. For excellent, wonderful, glorious ones. I’ve moved house. It’s been full on, with starting the new job I only took moving day off. I moved out of the matrimonial home – the place I…

I’m Free!!!

Confirmation arrived today. The judge granted decree absolute on April 10th. I am FREE. It is over. 2 years 3 months and 1 day since Ex dropped the bomb. I finally have closure. I can start building the new me. Beyond elated. So so so HAPPY!!!


I don’t want to tempt fate… But… I have had another spot of good luck. I’ve got a job!!!! It was confirmed last Friday and I started today. It’s doing something I’d never dreamed of doing. But it’s a decent salary. Flexible hours. Something well within my capabilities (low stress). It came out of the…


The judge has signed the order!!!!! Finally. I can now apply for decree absolute. The end is in sight. So exciting.


When I started my blog, just over two years ago, I was so fearful about it being discovered by people who knew me. Maintaining absolute anonymity was paramount. Hence calling myself serenely sanguine (that’s not really my name) and never sharing proper pics. I was scared Ex would find my blog. Scared I’d be caught…