‘who is this man who’s got the knife?’ The Subtle Knife, Philip Pullman.

After doing all the chores…

except for another load of washing; my laundry basket is like the magic porridge pot as soon as I get to the bottom, it’s full again

…I had a relax on the sofa.

The children were happily playing a game.

I’d had a late one last night. My friend S phoned, and we ended up chatting until 3 am! So I was feeling sleepy.

I ended up dosing off and had the most bizarre dream. As I’ve said said before, I typically have mundane dreams.
This one was odd.

I was talking to one of ‘our’ life long friends on the phone. He was crying about everything that’s happening. I was ok. He was inconsolable.
I read somewhere….
I think it was on Lisa’s site, which is one of my favourite sites, I love her optimism and spirit. Maybe not. Sorry if it’s a misquote. I’ve read so much over the past two months (I’m talking in months now, rather than days or weeks, which is another step forward, as it means I’m now I’m losing count).
…Once you can tell your story without crying, you’re healed.
I’m not there in real life yet, but it’s good to know my dream self can achieve it.
Back to the dream… I heard screams. So I dropped the call and went to investigate.

I – I didn’t look like me, but it was me – was in an unfamiliar building, or it could have been a ship. There were lots of flights of stairs.
I ran up the stairs, towards the screams.
When I reached the top, two of my children were trapped in a room with a man – I didn’t recognise him or know him and it didn’t feel like I should.
To the side of where he was standing, there was another room. I ran up to the man, pushed him and myself into the side room, and locked the door. My children were safe!
The man pulled out a large, highly polished, stainless steel, butcher’s knife. I was terrified, but determined to protect my children, so I stood my ground, and blocked the door. Out of nowhere a Stanley knife fell to the ground next to me.
As I bent down to pick up the knife, he lunged for me. I could see the wound in my forearm, but felt nothing. I slashed back. His knife was hacking away. Mine was making deep cuts. My wounds were on my limbs, face, and chest. His were torso, chest, and neck.
I woke before the fight ended. Both of us had lots of wounds. It was so vivid. So gruesome.
Dream interpretation’s about knives are rather pertinent to my current situation.

Here’s a few:

KNIVES IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a “knife” dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as “I think that criticism was unjustified and I will strongly resist his attempts to blame me”. In that way your dream picks out one of the features of knives – these are used to resist people attacking you. So really the knife fight was symbolic of this “very personal dispute” and the dreamers attempts to “strongly resist’
In practice knives have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. The knife in your dream probably captures one of these feelings.

– “criticism” (Did you take some criticism to heart yesterday? Were you confronted and blamed by someone for present failures?)

– “personal disputes” (did someone say something very personal towards you yesterday? Has a dispute become very involved and personal? A knife fight is a very bitter and personal struggle and can link to any situation where you feel this level of personal animosity)

– “abusive behaviour” (Have you been thinking about someone’s abusive behaviour with you? Have you started to realise how abusive you can be yourself?)

– “intense personal struggle” (A knife fight is an intense personal struggle. Have you been involved in an intense dispute with someone? Have there been disagreements at work?)

– “ending a relationship” (We use the phrase “you need to cut him out of your life” when you want to end a relationship. Have you been thinking in such a way? Has someone tried to end their relationship with you?)

– “determination to stop something” (Holding a knife sends out a very clear message to someone.)

– “delve” (we use the phrase “getting to the heart of the matter” and this is very similar to knives in dreams. A knife pierces deep inside something. Obviously that can link to disputes and confrontations but it can also represent a wish to really sort something out. To maybe understand a subject from inside out)

– “a very involved situation” (A knife dream can obviously be linked to bad feelings and confrontation but it could also link such a dream to any intense or involved situation. Were you involved in any exciting and intense situations yesterday? Were you thinking how involved something could become?)

– “attempt to resist” (were you trying to resist something yesterday? Were others making it very clear that they disagreed with you and intend to stop you by any means possible?)

– “bitter and uncaring” (knives, and especially butchers knives, can be linked to cold and heartless emotions. Have you started to realise how nasty and uncaring someone is? Have you been thinking how cold and emotionless you have become?)

– “increase understanding” (A knife can be symbolic of you really penetrating deep inside a subject. To get deep to the heart of the matter you have to cut the subject open and delve deep inside)

– “getting everything out into the open” (Knives obviously can link to confrontation but sometimes we get everything out into the open and this can be healthy. We talk openly and honestly and although this can involve pain and criticism it is sometimes very good to know how others feel and know the truth).

Attacking dreams show us a way to a peaceful resolution!
To dream of attacking or being attacked often relates to issues of control in our life.

Attacking dreams are not usually about wanting to hurt ourselves or others, but can be about our own unresolved internal conflict.  They can disturb us with their violence, but attacking dreams show us a way to peaceful resolution.

…both attacking or being attacked, is there something in your life you need to get rid of, a behaviour or belief that you have outgrown?  You may be attacking your own fears and doubts, so to “eliminate” them is a good thing.  Remember, you are not dreaming of real people, but what those people represent to you.

Are you being wounded in the heart?  This might be where you are denying your true feelings, or reminding you of when your heart was broken in the past, and asking you to let your heart heal – to stop revisiting an old wound and blaming others for your hurt, and move on.
Are you being cut in the throat or cutting someone else in the throat?  This could be asking you to speak up for yourself, to find your own voice.

Is it your legs or feet that are under attack?  This could mean you “don’t have a leg to stand on” – that you are basing your beliefs or attitudes on something that has no real grounding, or that you need to learn to stand up for yourself.

Is it your eyes?  This might mean your dream asking you where you are turning a blind eye to something, what is you don’t want to see?  Or maybe you are seeing something clearly for the first time, as if your old eyes were blind but now you can see.

Also look at the weapons of attack.  Think what these symbolise to you.
For example, a sword might be described as sharp, precise, a bit old fashioned, used in children’s fairy-tales.  How does this relate to your own feelings and behaviour?  It might be the critical voice in your head, with sharp words, judging you in an old fashioned manner for behaviour that you learnt as a child was bad.

Attacking dreams are to help release you from that pattern of old pain and start building a new, fresh positive way of interacting with ther people, and a more positive voice in your own head.

To help move on, try writing a letter to your attacker or victim, telling them what you feel, why you need to move on from them.  Forgive them and release them – tell them you have no need for their outdated behaviour.   You can then burn, bury, or flush this letter down the toilet – symbolising releasing that old pain from your life.
It can also be helpful to write one from the attackers point of view – this can give you insight especially if you are attacking your “internal critic” who it can be quite a good thing to silence!


Knives denote harm, Vinaya K. Manhas

A knife is perceived as a weapon of harm or protection
A knife in a dream is generally symbolic of a weapon, something to harm or something to protect. Rarely does it carry significance as an object of utility.
As per Indian thought, seeing a knife in dreams or, for that matter, any sharp object is not considered a good omen. Should you be cleaning and sharpening one, in preparation to cut something, then beware. You face the prospect of penury. If the knife in your dreams is sparkling and very sharp, it means your enemies are closing in upon you. You better think of ways to protect yourself from their wicked plans. To see an old and rusty knife signifies tension on the home front with your loved ones. Your relationships stand to suffer.
As per western thought, dreaming of a knife is unlucky for the dreamer, as it predicts separations and quarrels, and losses in business. Seeing rusted knives portends quarrels with a lover and family members. Sharp and polished knives forewarn you of foes and the worry they could cause you. Should the knife in your dream be broken, be prepared to suffer defeat. Should you get wounded with a knife, be prepared for domestic problems relating to your children and close relations. mean

Should you dream of stabbing someone with a knife, you should watch your step as your meanness shall be the cause of harm to you.

Psychoanalytically, a knife denotes several meanings. On the one hand it can signify division, on the other hand, it can also denote penetration, especially in the dreams of women. Using a knife could also imply the desire to free ourselves or the severing of a relationship. Being attacked by a knife, in women, could imply the fear of penetration or violation of privacy, in men it has to do more with aggressive feelings.

To dream of being stabbed represents feelings of being wounded by someone else’s actions or remarks. Noticing someone else wanting to see you in pain or to know that you’re losing. A struggle with power. You may be experiencing feelings of inadequacy. Feeling betrayed or sudden shock.
To dream of stabbing someone else represents defensiveness or taking out your anger on someone. A wish to restore your independence in a relationship or situation. Wanting to feel others pain or to know that you are hurting them in some way. Taking someone important or special away from someone.
Consider the area of the body being stabbed for additional meaning.
To dream of being stabbed in the neck represents conflict with commitments that have been made. Feeling that someone or something is challenging your ability to stay committed. Feeling attacked for your commitments. Feeling that someone doesn’t want you to like something ever again or wants to you give up in some way. If you are trying to stab someone else in the neck it may be a sign that you are very jealous or angry that someone will not stop being committed to something. Feeling an attack on your will power or beliefs that something isn’t a mistake.
To dream of being stabbed in the leg may reflect conflict with independent choices. Feeling attacked for wanting to do something on your own. If you stab someone else in the leg it may reflect your wish to stop a person or situation from becoming independent.
To dream of being stabbed in the hand represents feelings about conflict with capability. Feeling attacked for your abilities or skills. Feeling that someone or something is trying to turn you into a loser who can’t perform well on your own. To dream that you are trying to stab someone else in their hands may reflect your attempt to attack a person or problem that is performing at a competent level that is uncomfortable for you. Jealousy that someone is doing something better than you.
To dream of being stabbed represents feelings of being wounded by someone else’s actions or remarks. Noticing someone else wanting to see you in pain or to know that you’re losing. A struggle with power. You may be experiencing feelings of inadequacy. Feeling betrayed or sudden shock.
To dream of stabbing someone else represents defensiveness or taking out your anger on someone. A wish to restore your independence in a relationship or situation. Wanting to feel others pain or to know that you are hurting them in some way. Taking someone important or special away from someone.


I think it’s fair to say, that after having a dream like that, I will not be having another afternoon nap for a while!

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