My family are being incredibly supportive throughout this whole process. I feel so blessed and grateful to have such amazing parents and siblings. 

I am the baby of the family (the youngest of five). This makes them especially protective of me.

I can tell them anything. Day or night, they are on hand. Literally. 

When the bomb was dropped, I called one of my sisters at around 4 am. She talked to me for over an hour, trying to calm me down. And first thing the morning after, I went to my parent’s house. My mum held me for hours whilst I sobbed. She didn’t say anything. There was nothing anyone could say. She just held me, stroked my hair and kissed my head.

Having their love. Their support. Knowing they have my back and are always there to catch me when I fall. That’s special. 

Once again, my family have really stepped up when we needed them most.

My daughter continues to struggle. So for her birthday one of my sisters invited us to stay with them for a few nights. My mum, another sister and niece came too. 

They really helped boost my daughters spirits and she went to bed happy, for the first time since she crashed, on her birthday. 

I love my family so very much. 

PS Her dad didn’t even call her on her birthday. He sent a 0ne line text. And sent an email via our solicitors contesting stuff. He’s hellbent on spoiling special days, it would seem. I’m trying so hard not to snap. Deep breaths. Don’t give him what he wants!

4 thoughts on “Family

  1. My heart breaks for your little girl. 😦
    This feeling of knowing my family has my back no matter what is probably the most important thing that kept me going right after discovering the initial tripping of my husband. I’ve been leaning on them over the past ten months and it is very clear to me that I want my daughter to feel that she, too, can always lean on me. No matter what. We are so blessed to have these loving supporting families!

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    • It’s awful seeing her so distressed. Truly the worst. But the abundance of love my family showers on all of us is remarkable. My daughter has taken to calling my father dad. God love her and God love him. xx

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