Channeling Kimmy

My mindset is shifting.

Thank f*ck for that.

The positive attitude and optimistic outlook, which steadfastly carried me through 2016, but have waxed and waned in 2017, are returning with full, steady, force.

I’m coming out of the fog.

The anxiety is dissipating.

The uncertainties that have unsettled me so much have either been resolved or I’ve found peace in accepting they are beyond my control.

I’m seeing the good. Focusing on the things I have to look forward to. Trying to not give too much energy to the bad things that are on the horizon.

I am channeling Kimmy once again.

PhD once liken me to Kimmy…

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a sit-com about a woman who was held captive in an underground bunker for 15 years. She refuses to become a ‘victim’ and heads to New York to build a life for herself…

…her optimism, her strength, the joy with which she experiences the simple things in life, her words of wisdom…

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