Self kindness

Being kind to myself isn’t something that comes naturally to me.

I put others first.

I overthink things.

I often feel guilty or to blame for things that I know aren’t my fault.

I am my own worse judge.

In an attempt to redress this, I have been spontaneous and booked a holiday. In Greece (somewhere I’ve never been). In a lovely all inclusive hotel (so I will get a break from chores and cooking). On an idyllic looking beach (looks like the perfect place to relax).

11 days and counting. Yay.

4 thoughts on “Self kindness

  1. These are truly words of wisdom! I find myself being overly self-critical a lot of the times.

  2. I too find myself putting everyone else’s needs first… including my separated wife… still! 🤦‍♂️Ugg!
    I hope you have a fantastic trip! You deserve it! 💚

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