Say a little pray 

It’s after 5 am.

I can’t get back to sleep.

I woke up about an hour ago, checked the time on my phone, and saw I had six missed calls from my sisters. Four from the eldest, she never really calls, so I knew something must be wrong.

I phoned her back.

My dad is in hospital. He’s had a heart attack.

Now, I don’t write much about my folks on here, but my dad is the MOST incredible man you could ever meet. He’s so kind, loving, caring, supportive, funny, sage, reliable, constant and makes the best Yorkshire puddings known to humanity. He’s always ALWAYS been there for me and mine. ALWAYS. I know he’s got my back. Whenever anything goes wrong, he’s my first port of call (even when I was with Ex, my dad was still the first, in fact Ex used to tell me to call my dad if we had an emergency to deal with).

God, I hope he’ll be ok. 

I’m praying he will be ok.

If you read this, please pray for him.

Miles away. In a foreign country. Receiving such news. Really underscores how alone I am. Nobody here to give me a hug and tell me it’ll be ok. Nobody to call for a bit of moral support. Instead, I am writing a blog. How sad am I.

News like this puts everything in perspective. Life is precious. Life is short. And ultimately all that matters are loved ones.

5 thoughts on “Say a little pray 

  1. Not sure my prayers are worth much but sending love and strength at this time. Hope your Dad and the rest of the family are doing ok (and you of course too, naturally) xxx

  2. Having lost my dad, who, next to my wife, was the most important person in my life 7 months after my wife left… I can tell you without a doubt, you are not alone. We may not be with you in person, but we are there emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for writing it down… for sharing with this anonymous support group who understands and knows exactly what you’re feeling. Prayers for a rapid recovery… for both you and your father. ❤

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