And I Miss You…

…dear blog.

And my WP buddies.

Life has been brutal over the last three weeks.

My dear dad’s recovery has been hampered by a string of infections and bugs. His road to mending is going to be a long one. 

The new job is insanely busy and pressured. Like nothing I’ve known before. I’m leaving the house at 6.30 am and not getting home until 7.30/8 pm, then have work to do on an evening. I am missing the children. I am falling behind on chores. I am beyond exhausted. 

As if this wasn’t enough to contend with, ex has ramped things up – BIG time. Lengthy letters to my solicitor. Five pages of questions/requests for more info. 

The bastard is going for my Achilles heal… the children. He is refusing to pay for their school fees. He decides to do this when schools here in the U.K. are shutting for the six week summer holidays, which makes sorting alternatives impossible. 

Putting our children’s education at jeopardy. God, he’s sinking to all time new lows.

The cheeky twat had the audacity to attack me after my solicitor sent him a letter saying we objected to a change in school.

A barrage of nasty texts over a two day period. I am a monster. Vile and distingusting. A leech. The worst mistake of his life. He wishes he had never met me.

Projection, me thinks. And the feelings are entirely mutual.

I didn’t respond. I keep my dignity. Forwarded them to my solicitor and asked her to respond to them.

I think he’s well and truly lost it. Nobody in their right mind would send such messages with the court case looming. I fear for his mental stability.

I don’t know how I’m surviving.

But I am. 

And do you know what, I’m actually thriving.

I’m rising to the challenges and smashing them.

My resilience, fortitude and sense of humour have made a return. 

11 thoughts on “And I Miss You…

    • Oh my friend, thank you. But, you know, I’m coping ok (for now). My dad’s brush with death puts all the other shit into perspective.
      Hope you and yours are doing ok xx

      • It really does, I know. I was a heartsick alcoholic when my mom had her stroke and boy did I clean it up quick after that. Cleared the way for a lot of things once I was woken up. Rambling but my point is yes, it was a *complete* perspective shift I was able to have before she passed. The change in focus can be a hidden blessing.

  1. Lovely to see you back SS. Been thinking of you and figured it wasn’t an easy time. Sorry to read my ex’s doppelganger is still so full of bitterness and causing you pain. Wishing that karma bus would speed up. Keep strong! The truth will out xxx

  2. when narcissist get cornered is when they really get nasty – he’s running out of room to maneuver and not getting his way – they don’t know how to handle it.

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