Her Life…

…wasn’t meant to be like this,

Trapped in the abyss!

She tried to power through,
Create life anew,

For so long, too long,
Now she’s disappeared; gone.

Stress is the victor,
Well and truly kicked her.

It’s claiming its toll:
She’s shattered, no longer whole.

Vulnerable, scared, fearful,
Confused, overwhelmed, tearful.


9 thoughts on “Her Life…

  1. Oh SS. This makes me so sad – I don’t believe for one second that you deserve such pain and I hope you know that. It’s shit, it really is, but it will improve! It has to. Sending you hugs from afar xxx

    • Thank you darling. Hugs very much needed. Everything is crashed down around me… including me. Feel’s like all my efforts over the last two years… celebrating every minor win/trying to focus on the positive/not letting the bad things get me down… have been for naught. I’m struggling 😢 xxx

      • I hear ya and I feel your pain. Have you still got good friends around you? Are you seeing your counsellor? What do YOU need right now? Jump on a plane and we’ll walk on the beach, call respective exes exactly what they are, and remind ourselves that we are not the reason things are where they’re at: we are strong, we are great mums; we have good things coming to us; and that karma will come 🙂 xxx

        • Oh Struth. That would be amazing. I could think of nothing I’d prefer than being 1000s of miles away, having chats with someone who gets it.
          I do have wonderful friends. And I’m off to see my counsellor tomorrow… with the new job I’ve only seen her twice in the last three months and that’s clearly had an impact.
          I need a break, uninterrupted sleep, release from the mental torment and a lottery win to sort out my finances xxx

  2. I wish I had words. I hope seeing the counsellor helped. Maybe thats an idea. Can you get a way for a night or so? Treat yourself to a spa break (or with a friend if you don’t want to go alone)

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