So What

Another fucking wedding anniversary.

23 years today.

I was so sure last year would be the last.

So sure.

I never imagined the divorce would drag on and on like it is doing.

It is scandalous that the legal process is so slow and costs so much. Ridiculous!

Unlike last year, where I still felt wistful and was lamenting the loss of my marriage, this year the main feelings are frustration and indignation.

I can’t believe I am still legally that twats wife.

I want to be free.

I need to be free.

8 thoughts on “So What

  1. I’m $9000 into my divorce and the prove up hearing was just scheduled for next month. My marriage was 25 years at the beginning of this month. We still don’t have a settlement and we are three weeks away from the (hopefully) final hearing. My wife hired a real idiot for a lawyer and the two combined are making for a real clown car parade.

    Don’t worry. You will make it.

    • Mine’s cost nearly £22,000 so far (just my costs, his will be similar) and we’ve only completed one out of three of the court stages!
      Sorry to hear your experience is similar. Divorce is hard enough without it turning into a farce.
      Fingers crossed your final hearing goes well and you get closure.

      • Barbara D Kilarski--I blogged at and will again soon says:

        my ex was a total Narcissist (like our president Trump–ugh!!)…I found if one’s ex/to be ex speaks of themself in the Third Person, the divorce gets more expensive each day…my divorce was expensive–as was my dismissed judgment of $100k–yet at least I am rid of someone who sucked the soul outta me every day…guess I deserved it for being so damned complacent for 25 outta 27 yrs!!

    • Barbara D Kilarski--I blogged at and will again soon says:

      My divorce cost $33,000 (U.S) and then my ex falsely claimed for bankruptcy…I love your phrase, “…real clown car parade”!!!

  2. Barbara D Kilarski--I blogged at and will again soon says:

    sweetie//my divorce took over 2 yrs becuz everything was contested…we didn’t even have children!! Just two bulldogs and a pug puppy…I did everything right (big law firm, was amenable to much too much etc) then got major screwed…I don’t know where you live (I’m in the U.S.), but just be advised that even if you get a judgment in your favor (like I did) the bastard/bitch can then proclaim Bankruptcy (except for child support) and screw you in the end (no pun intended)…make sure your attys get as much $$ now from the ex (living expenses, kids, etc) becuz, as I unfortunately learned, it ain’t over till it’s over. Best of luck, Barb

  3. You are married in name alone, I know that doesnt help but look at your progress. Although this year you are frustrated you are further along mentally than last year and you will continue to move forward. The divorce and grieving process is hard and painful but you got this!

    You didnt come this far, to only come this far x

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