They say good luck comes in threes…

…it certainly seems to be that way for me.

The house has exchanged!!!!!!

I can finally move. Physically.

May the 4th is the completion date (chosen by me, Stars Wars day, seemed apt).

Sorting everything in such a short space of time is exhausting, yet I feel like Rapunzel (the Tangled movie version).

I am going to escape my tower… the home we shared for nearly 12 years, filled with so many memories, so many reminders.

I am giving most of ‘our’ things to charity. Having a proper declutter. Only taking with me what I really want to keep.

I’m moving into rented accommodation – yet to be found – I’m viewing eight properties tomorrow. The majority of them are terraced houses. An old Georgian one (built in the 1730s) and several Victorian ones (circa 1860). I have always loved old houses, the high ceilings, the original features, so much character. Ex hated them so we were never allowed to consider living in one.

I get to choose where I live for the first time EVER. How exciting is that!

Over the lasts three weeks, I’ve started a new job, got divorced (properly) and am moving.

Often considered to be the three most stressful life events – aside of bereavement.

For me, they are stress relievers. I can feel the tension and anxiety leaving my body (and mind). The weight is lifting from my shoulders. The knots in my stomach that have been there since the bomb dropped, are untangling. My mind is clearing.

I’m moving on up. Out of the darkness. My light shines on. My light shines on.

4 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Love this! Hope the move went well. I moved at the end of April and as you say its so stressful! Congrats on the job as well! (I also just got a new job hahaha).

    Things are def looking up for you lovely! So deserved. Onwards and upwards!

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